Vertically Align Element

How to Vertically Align Section and Element in all Types of Screens?

Some people use different kinds of complex CSS and JS structures to vertically align a div. But, we’re going to implement a simpler method.

Step 1

Write a div with the class name “vermid-wrap” and this element will act as parent wrap for the element to be vertically aligned.

Step 2

Write a div inside the “vermid-wrap” with the class name “vermid-item”

Code Block

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<!--- parent wrap --->
 <div class="vermid-wrap">
  <!--- parent wrap --->
   <div class="vermid-item">
    <!--- vertical middle content goes here --->

Step 3

Now Apply the display:table; property with width & hieght for the class “vermid-wrap”.

Note: The height property can be set to any height.
width:100%; //any width
height:100%; //any hieght

Step 4

Now apply the display:table-cell property and vertical align property for the class “vermid-item”

Note: Vertical align property has three options top,middle,bottom. Here, I’ve used te middle option.
vertical-align: top; //top,middle,bottom


Pic Credit – What The Code

It is the easiest way to align elements and section for any device. If you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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