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Top 10 Graphic Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

Whether you are looking for design inspiration as you create a website or looking to improve your graphic design skills these graphic design blogs offer lots of an excellent tutorials and content.

As a designer we always find an inspiration everywhere.  When we’re out and about to read books, watching series and of course browsing through the web. But saving through the find of diamonds, we have put together a top 10 graphic design blogs that you have check out in 2019, as chosen by our talented design and art directors.

Here is the list of graphic design blogs to help you get started with your designing journey.

1. Adobe Creative Magazine

Why it works? As always because it is also available as an app. Adobe creative magazine is go to resource for designers whose looking for an inspiration, tutorials, and guide in regards of the latest trends. Hone your skills by getting involved in popular design challenges and learn more about working with Photoshop.

2. Canva’s Design School

Why it works? You may have heard about best creative design online platform.  They are offering free design tutorial and tips on designing.  They have created a blog that serve and connect with the creative community. From the guides to design book covers to landing page designs you’ll find wealth of inspiration to get started.    

3. AIGA Eye on Design

Why it works? AGIA Eye on Design is a blog run by professional association for design. A non-profit organization that promotes design magnitude.  In addition to featuring emerging design talents and promote their work. The AIGA blog also highlights design related events that shouldn’t be missed and address important conceptual questions that professional creatives dealing with. You can subscribe their email list for downloadable goodies.  

4. Creative Bloq

Why it works? Creative bloq is standing as one of the most popular design inspiration blogs for creative professionals. The blog is filled with the latest news, design inspiration and buying guides.  Stay up to date when it comes to updated design trends on sports, movie, and sales on design software. You can learn from experts and know where to get the best fonts and creative inspiration from other blogger and creative designers.   

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5. High On Design

Why it works? The creators of WIX have recently branched out and created a blog dedicated to design, you can take an advantage of free tutorials, watch interviews, and learn from innovative artists and get a book recommendation. If you are working on personal branding and seeking an advice for showcase you design work then High on Design has the material you need to become a successful graphic designer.

6. Site Point

Why it works? If you are a creative director or an entrepreneur looking for an innovative design skill and know about trends. Site Point is offering a design material you need to succeed. You can get tips on how to build your online graphic design portfolio or building personal brand. Site Point is also providing freebies for books that could be helpful to accelerate your design skills.

7. Women on Graphic Design

Why it works?If you’re a woman in the industry or looking to know more about how you can support female designers and make the feel empowered by helping themselves learn more skills in stay updated in creative industry. This blog is offering content-based gender and diversity.

8. Inspiration Grid

Why it works? Do you want to know what the leaders in design trends are working on? Inspiration Grid is the go-to resource for learning about what creative pioneers are up to. If you are passionate about branding identity and logo designs, you’ll find more about inspiration grid.

9. Smashing Magazine

Why it works? If you’re looking for workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities then Smashing Magazine is an excellent resource. Read case studies and expand your knowledge with in the plethora of how to guides.  Each blog post tells you how many minutes it will take you to read, ideal for people who are seems to be busy.

10. Creative Overflow

Why it works? Peculiar designers will love Creative Overflow for its community of artists coming together. Creative Overflow is offering design resources, tutorials and inspiration to enhance your artistic flow. If you are in creative slump and looking for motivation to start a project or you want to contribute as guest author you can exactly find what you are looking for.


As you can see there is not shortage for design inspiration or resources to help you flex your creative muscles. Learn new tricks, watch tutorials or share your work with any of these blogs at your fingertips.  After you’ve created an attention-grabbing graphics or artwork you can put it on promotional websites to sell your work. Get started on your artistic journey by checking out those awesome graphic design blogs.

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma is a Founder of Logical IDEA and Bee Flirty. He is a Professional WP Developers, UX Designer, and Digital Marketing Expert. Previously, He Worked as a Digital Marketing Head for An eCommerce Startup. He Graduated with honors from Lovely Professional University with a Dual Degree in Information Technology.


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