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Should A UI Designer Also Be a UX Designer?

Some say you can’t be both, but I believe you should be a UI Designer as well as UX Designer. It’s nothing wrong if you excel at UI, but you still need to know the UX fundamentals

Why? Let’s Find Out.

Better At Solving Problems

Remember, it’s the UX design that solves or doesn’t solve user’s problems. And good design is all about solving the problems.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most interactive UI on Earth.  If you can’t design the UX that actually solves the user’s problem in seamless way, you haven’t done anything.

More Work Opportunities

Nowadays lot of companies and clients search for both UI and UX skills when hiring a designer. Based on my experiences, the collaboration goes smoother, if there is the same designer in the UX and UI stage.

More Credibility

Sometimes the client asks about the UX advice, even if you work only on the UI. For Example: “Should user be able to access the notification from sidebar or a tab bar?”

Knowing that this really depends on:

  1. The nature of notifications;
  2. The number of all potential notifications;
  3. The importance level of each notification. It is great plus in collaboration which can open new opportunities for you

It’s not the UI design that conducts the UX decisions. It should be the other way around.

Rahul Sharma

There are different opinions going on, but this is what I personally believe. A lot of people probably won’t agree and that’s fine. I’m really interested in reading your opinion.

Thanks a Millions!

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma is a Founder of Logical IDEA and Bee Flirty. He is a Professional WP Developers, UX Designer, and Digital Marketing Expert. Previously, He Worked as a Digital Marketing Head for An eCommerce Startup. He Graduated with honors from Lovely Professional University with a Dual Degree in Information Technology.


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